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John Franklin Kenney was WRONGFULLY convicted in 2008. 


Dispatcher: He blocked driveway with what
Elizabeth Grimes: With a big huge boulder so that we cant get our cars out. we share a mutual driveway... Were in the middle of alot of lawsuits over this. Please come before my husband has a problem.
Elizabeth Grimes: southbank so9 carmel valley road so9 209 southbank. Please somebody right away.
Dispatcher: okey. were getting units started.  
Elizabeth Grimes: okey
Dispatcher: stay on the phone with me so I get
Elizabeth Grimes: Last time he had called the police he broke my finger. Were in the middle of going to court over this at the end of the week. 
Dispatcher: Okey. Where is your husband at right now?
Elizabeth Grimes: Hes out there sledging it away with a sort of sledgehammer and he cant do that. Please send somebody. 
Dispatcher: Wheres the neighbor at?
Elizabeth Grimes: Hes in his house. Please please hurry.
Dispatcher: How old is your husband?
Elizabeth Grimes: My husbands 58. He cant do this. He was just at the hospital today. Please come here. Please. I got to hang up to help him. Please.
Dispatcher: Let me get your name.
Elizabeth Grimes: Elizabeth Grimes. G-R-I-M-E-S.
Dispatcher: Whats your phone number?
Elizabeth Grimes: 6592144. (screaming to her husband) No, dont touch it. Let the police come. Dont you do that Mel. 
Mel Grimes: I dont care.
Elizabeth Grimes: Lets go Mel. Whats that gonna do? You asshole. 
Mel Grimes: Nothing. 
Elizabeth Grimes: Stop it or I go to him. Im going to his house. 
Mel Grimes: No, you dont. inaudiable
Elizabeth Grimes: I know. Leave it alone. Leave it alone. Then I go to his house. (to dispatcher) Hello, please send someone..  
Dispatcher: Whats going on right now?
Elizabeth Grimes: Now... My husband cannot take this sledgehammer . Please send someone. Thank you.

Elizabeth Grimes: In his house. Here he is now. 
Dispatcher: Who? Your husband?
Elizabeth Grimes: Oh you shut up. Get out of our lives. 
John Kenney: Get off my property.
Elizabeth Grimes: Dont tell me to get off your property. 
John Kenney: I will tell you to get off it.
Elizabeth Grimes: Your on my property everytime you back up.
John Kenney: Get off this property.
Elizabeth Grimes: Please send the sheriff. Hurry.
Dispatcher: Okey. Theres another dispatcher starting. 
Elizabeth Grimes: Thank you. The sheriff comes.
John Kenney: Dont
Elizabeth Grimes: Oh, shut up you fat asshole. Now a policeman is coming. Please send someone. 


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